Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am the mother in a gluten free family from the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Three of us have celiac disease; one is allergic to wheat,gluten,and so many other things; and I am the cook for everyone. 
When my husband was diagnosed in December of 2005, I started reading all I could on celiac disease.  After reading that it is an inherited disease, we were sure that our youngest son also had it.  We had been told that he had failure to thrive for almost a year.  In February of 2006, our baby was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 18 months.  It seemed like a miracle to see how quickly he started gaining weight after going on a gluten free diet. 
During the summer of 2006, our daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease and our other son was diagnosed with many food allergies including wheat and gluten.
With four out of five of us having to be gluten free it was decided that our household should be gluten free.  I cleaned the pantry, cupboards, and freezer out and gave away all the gluten laden food.  I think for the year of 2006, the only reading I did was about how to feed my family.

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  1. Hello- I was wondering if you have found any good places to eat in the UP, we will driving all over the UP in the next week, and I am gluten-free.....from Grand Rapids, MI. Anyways, any info you have gather would be so helpful. You could respond to me at Thanks!